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Sales Performance Management

Unlock unparalleled sales achievements and propel your business towards unprecedented growth with Viyal Technologies' expertise in Varicent and SAP Commissions.

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Gain Strategic Sales Excellence

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Sales Performance Management (SPM) is a strategic approach to enhancing the efficiency and productivity of sales teams through advanced tools, insightful metrics, and refined processes. At Viyal Technologies, we excel in delivering personalised Sales Performance Management Solutions that harness the capabilities of Varicent and SAP Commissions. Our expertise is dedicated to assisting businesses of all sizes in optimising their sales processes and realising their sales objectives. Partner with us today to elevate your sales performance through innovative SPM solutions crafted for success.

Viyal: Elevating Sales Through Precision Solutions

Explore our tailored Sales Performance Management Solutions, meticulously crafted to cut costs, boost revenue, and streamline processes by leveraging Varicent and SAP Commissions. Our comprehensive offerings include:

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Incentive Compensation Management (ICM)

Design and implement impactful incentive compensation programs utilising the advanced features of Varicent and SAP Commissions. Our expertise spans defining sales territories, generating precise incentive statements, and configuring compensation plans.

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Sales Analytics and Reporting

Uncover profound insights into your sales performance with Varicent and SAP Commissions. Our team specialises in developing bespoke sales reports and dashboards, conducting in-depth sales data analysis, and identifying valuable growth opportunities and trends.

Why Choose Viyal for Varicent & SAP Commissions?

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Viyal Technologies offers a wealth of in-depth expertise and a track record of successful projects. We ensure that you harness the full potential of your Varicent & SAP Commissions software for seamless management.

SAP Commissions
SAP Commissions

As a distinguished SAP partner, Viyal collaborates with you to drive results across development, optimisation, consultation, data support, and application management. Our tailored solutions are designed to meet the precise needs of customers worldwide, enhancing your software experience.

Our SAP partners go beyond conventional offerings. We specialise in customising and enriching software to deliver innovative solutions uniquely tailored to your requirements. Trust us as your dedicated advisor, providing expert guidance today and into the future.

With us, you can strategically manage compensation, drive profit-oriented actions, and sustainably increase sales. Our expertise lies in creating and optimising performance-based compensation plans, putting you in control of your sales force's actions for heightened profitability.

Viyal is committed to abiding by the stringent requirements in business solutions, services, and operations. We are a trusted entity endorsed by SAP and subject to continuous monitoring and evaluation. Experience peace of mind, knowing your collaboration is with a partner of unwavering reliability and quality.

What You Gain

  • Enhanced selling behaviour
  • Mitigated risk, payment errors, and compensation disputes
  • Maximised incentive compensation ROI
  • Comprehensive commission accounting
  • Sales performance management (SPM) program assessment

Embark on a strategic investment journey with Varicent, designed to elevate sales performance and propel organisational growth. Viyal Technologies, with its team of dedicated experts, ensures a seamless implementation process, guiding you through every step and providing the essential tools for sales success.

Staying ahead in the dynamic landscape, Viyal remains abreast of Varicent's updates, enhancements, bug fixes, and new features. Our experts efficiently manage system upgrades, minimising disruptions and downtime to ensure uninterrupted business operations. Additionally, we offer ongoing maintenance and support, promptly addressing any technical issues that may arise.

Viyal handles the intricate task of aligning Varicent with specific business requirements. This includes configuring various components such as hierarchies, data models, workflows, rules, and calculations. Moreover, we specialise in customising reports and the user interface to seamlessly match your business's branding and desired user experience.

We implement robust security measures within Varicent to safeguard sensitive sales performance data. Ensuring adherence to industry regulations and standards, such as CCPA or GDPR, our experts implement necessary data controls and access restrictions to guarantee compliance with data privacy laws.

What You Gain

  • Elevated seller performance with incentive compensation
  • Simplified processes and revenue maximisation
  • Optimised sales forecasting
  • Cutting-edge calculation engine
  • Seamless data integration and transformation

Build future-ready, sustainable businesses with our innovative tech solutions. Let’s discuss your requirements today.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the purpose of Varicent software?

Varicent software primarily serves to construct your company's sales commission program. It offers an enterprise software solution dedicated to calculating, modelling, reporting, and analysing sales incentives. Renowned for its user-friendly interface, Varicent is an ideal choice for those seeking a streamlined sales commission platform.

Can Viyal integrate SAP Commissions and Varicent with our existing systems?

Certainly, we possess expertise in integrating SAP Commissions and Varicent with various existing systems, including ERP, CRM, finance, and HR systems. Our focus is on ensuring a smooth data flow and synchronisation between these systems, providing a unified view of information and streamlined processes.

What is the functionality of SAP Commissions software?

SAP Commissions is a robust incentives management solution designed to assist managers in optimising, delivering, and creating incentive compensation plans at scale. This platform shapes employee behaviours to boost profitability, enhance transparency, maximise commission return on investment, and eliminate errors.

Varicent enhances sales effectiveness in what ways?

Varicent simplifies and streamlines the reporting of incentive compensation, offering a user-friendly experience. Its flexibility allows for efficient tracking of incentive payments and the creation of insightful reports. With deep integrations with top technologies used in sales teams, Varicent significantly improves reporting efficiency.

What advantages come with partnering with Viyal for SAP Commissions and Varicent managed services?

Viyal, as a distinguished partner, brings extensive experience and expertise in SAP Commissions and Varicent, ensuring seamless and successful sales performance management operations. Our partnership offers deep insights into these customised configurations, solutions, integration with existing systems, offering ongoing support, cost-effective management services, and comprehensive training.

How can SAP Commissions enhance sales effectiveness?

SAP Commissions enhances sales effectiveness through advanced data management, automating access to sales metrics for informed decision-making and precise reporting. It ensures enhanced transparency by minimising duplication with synchronised records, offering a clear operational picture. Additionally, SAP Commissions streamline business processes by boosting productivity, reducing data entry errors, and eliminating manual tasks. Its value chain incorporation engages suppliers, partners, and customers for collaborative service and product development.

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